So you want to be more consistent?


Let me start off by saying,

"The only consistent thing in golf is the inconsistency".

But what if I told you that being "more consistent" at golf isn't as difficult as you're made to believe?

So much of modern golf instruction, YouTube clips or the latest Instagram videos are designed to make you confused, to keep you clicking, watching, subscribing in the hope that the next video contains the magic potion, the secret sauce that helps you play the best golf of your life.

The art and skill of being consistent lies within the understanding and belief that swinging a golf club is actually simple in its nature. 

"That's great Glenn, but how am I actually going to be more consistent?"

The answer is simply knowing your own physical capabilities and matching that up with the movement of the golf club in order to control the club face.

Having played this game for over 30 years now, 16 of those professionally, I have formed a series of simple drills that help to learn and ingrain the skill of controlling the club face from the putting green through to the driver. This approach has helped thousands of golfers improve their ball striking, lower their scores, enjoy their golf and become "more consistent".

If you're ready to learn the secrets to controlling your club face, understanding your swing, and playing better golf, book your Consistency Secrets session below.