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Meaningful and Impactful change can only come through commitment and belief. Through the experience gained as a Professional Athlete, Glenn has positioned himself to be on the positive side of change and inclusion. Working with individuals within every community, he uses his position of influence to Inspire, Educate, and Achieve.



A Professional since 2005, Glenn has played and coached around the world. He prides himself on his hard work and determination to succeed, and uses this to motivate and inspire other golfers.

Glenn is passionate about inclusion and growing the game through making golf more accessible to every golfer. Outside of the box thinking ensures that he is at the forefront of leading industry change, creating new opportunities for participation.

While still competing, Glenn is available for private and group coaching, corporate golf days and VIP experiences.



Everyone has a brand. It's who we are, how we think, how we connect with people and the opportunities around us.

Working with The Brand Builders as a Mentor and Trainer, Glenn, along with the rest of the team, have positioned themselves as the Worlds leading experts in Brand and Sponsorship.

The Brand Builders work with Athletes, Sports Organisations, Businesses, and Government to build their brand, communicate it effectively, and leverage it to achieve their goals.



Life as a Professional Athlete comes with many highs and lows. Glenn has experienced both ends of the spectrum and comes full of stories, advice, and inspiration to share.

Whether it's for motivating your team or at as a keynote speaker at seminars, functions and trade shows, Glenn will take you and your guests on a journey showing how determination and hard work can result in a diverse career.



Custom headcovers, bags and accessories were something only reserved for PGA Tour Stars. Now you have the opportunity to design and display your own custom gear!

Glenn has teamed up with The Back 9 to offer you exclusive discounts on all custom gear. Be the envy of your playing partners and start designing your gear today.



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#teamGP is a network of like-minded individuals, committed to providing quality products and services to every golfer.

If you'd like to join the #teamGP network and be a part of the Inspire, Educate, Achieve movement, please get in touch!





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